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Gershon Bram

Gershon Bram - Fashion Designer since 1973, after completing his studies in Paris and his internship in New York. He has designed for leading Israeli fashion labels such as Makette, Beged Or, and Dorina. He was also chief designer for the Club Mediterranean in this area. In 1981 he started his own fashion label for both men and women. He owns a chain of stores in Israel, and also exports to Europe, Canada and the USA. Mr. Bram is a recipient of the fashion award for best men´s clothes designer for the years 1999-2000. He teaches fashion design at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan.

Gershon Bram offers chic Euro-Asian-style designs for women in lush natural fabrics that are an easy, comfy and relaxed fit.

Now available in plus sizes

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