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About Grimwood Agencies

 Grimwood Agencies represents contemporary quality driven fashions and accessories to leading retailers across Western Canada and the United States.  

Cheri Grimwood with Pierre from Sarah Pacini in Belgium

Cheri Grimwood with Pierre from Sarah Pacini in Belgium


As the liaison between the manufacturer and the retailer, Grimwood Agencies plays a key role in the success of any collection.

We bypass distributors and strategically pick and place brands in key stores. This approach drives revenue and long term brand value for both the manufacturer and our select retailers. 

Through this we ensure healthy long term relationships built on a reputation of exclusivity, excellence and trust. 

Proudly Canadian

Cheri Grimwood started out  by promoting strong female Canadian designers; it was and still is her passion to find Canadian talent and elevate them to the world stage.  


International brands

Grimwood Agencies is proud to be a part of the growth of international brands such as Sarah Pacini, with whom we have been since the beginning, growing together since their founding in 1998.  We are proud to be working with such talented people.

We love people, we love design, and we especially love designers who give back to the community.
Do you have a collection? Do you need an Agent? Are you looking for " unique" artistic designs for your store?

Please contact us and let us grow your business.

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SHOWs and road trips

We attend six shows and do  four road trips a year throughout Western Canada.  

  • Metro Show I - Vancouver

  • Trends Show Edmonton

  • Metro Show II - Vancouver

Get full show details here. 

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