We are commissioned agents for talented designers and manufacturers.

We are always open to viewing new lines.

We strategically investigate the demographics per area and choose qualified stores  that would be a great fit for your brand.

This guarantees a positive future for long term growth.

We are in constant contact with our clientele and make store visits numerous times of the year.

We are a long time member of the Canadian Wholesalers Association.

We attend all Metro Apparel Shows and Trends Apparel Shows .

We have a permanent showroom in Vancouver B.C.

We do extensive road work several times a year.

If you are interested in growing your brand this is how to do it:


It’s important we deal with reputable manufacturers.

  1. Contact us at cheri

  2. We like our vendors to be environmentally and ethically motivated

  3. We like that they utilize the newest technologies.

  4. We will set up an interview and discuss.

  5. Sign a contract

  6. Send the line to our showroom

  7. We will be happy to test it with our market and grow it from there.

  8. We love natural fibers, excellent quality and detail, fair prices,

  9. hand made, hand painted, comfort, casual , stock on hand is great.

  10. Superior service oriented company’s