New with us: Anu Raina

Wrap yourselves in luxurious silk and alpaca wool, with the wonderfully artistic scarves from this Canadian designer. Inspired by the journey of travels across the globe, each design holds its own facet of a story: where they’ve been, what was there, and how it made you feel. With this in mind, designer Anu Raina has created fabulous art to be put onto these cozy scarves.

Not only does she have a line for the season, but there are opportunities to collaborate with custom designs and local artists. The brand is truly committed to the blending of the arts with fashion, and the ability to bring fascination of the eye right into your closet. 

Come see us at the Metro Apparel Show in Vancouver (#164 FX Fashion Exchange, Sept 15th - 22nd, 2016). Call us to make an appointment!