The prince of Wales check...see it in Sarah Pacin Fall 2019

The term glen plaid is derived from the Glenurquhart valley in Scotland, where the textile was first employed way back in the 19th century. glen plaid is often dubbed Prince of Wales check, after the ever-rakish Prince of Wales Sir Edward VIII who favoured the fabric for his bespoke suits. It wasn’t just the Duke of Windsor who preferred a good glen plaid,as a Connery-era James Bond wore scores of the checked suits on film and even Pee Wee Herman turned the now trending Savile Row staple into his uniform rig. Glen plaid may have roots reaching back centuries, but it makes for a dashing modern look that’s bound to have people checking you out on the street today. See it in the Fall 2019 Sarah Pacini Collection.

Cheri GrimwoodComment